15+ Interesting Places to visit in Belitung Island

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Every year everyone will waiting for holiday right?  But some people don't know where they want to have their vacation . So MTNgetaways will help you for your best vacation. Where? It is Belitung Island, Indonesia. This place is located in the middle of Sumatera and Kalimantan.  Before we get started , I want to apologize with my grammar mistakes. Enjoy!  

1. Raja Seafood Belitung Restaurant 

When you are in Belitung Island, you must eat their fresh seafood. Raja Seafood Belitung Restaurant will serve you very delicious food and of course fresh seafood. If you don't eat seafood, no worries they can serve you another type of food.

2. La Lucia Boutique Hotel 

This hotel has their own concept. Every wall in the hotel you can see a lot of beautiful mural with the unique doodle. Their soft mattress will make your sleep perfect ! In the next morning, you will taste delicious food from their own cafe. They will serve you many types of food. The environment of the hotel was very peaceful. You should stay  here while enjoying your holiday in Belitung Island!

3. Kampung Ahok

Kampung Ahok is the place where Ahok growing up. Who is Ahok?  Ahok or his real name Basuki Tjahaja Purnama is Indonesian politician and former governor of Jakarta. Now, Ahok's parents are staying in Kampung Ahok. If you are lucky, they will invite you come in into their house. Infront of Ahok's house there is a place where you can buy souvenirs and ice cream!

4. SD Muhammadiyah

This place is actually a replica school of SD Muhammadiyah. Do you know Laskar Pelangi Film?  The film was shooting in this place. You will experience how the students study in the school. Also there are a few hawkers selling Indonesia Traditional Food. You can buy it and taste it. Don't forget to take a nice photo!

5. Dermaga Kirana

Dermaga Kirana is where you can take a beautiful outfit of the day (ootd)  photo. This place is very beautiful. Dermaga Kirana means Rumah Rotan in Bahasa Malaysia. This place actually infront of SD Muhammadiyah. You can just walk from SD Muhammadiyah. Ends of Dermaga Kirana you can see colourful boats  over the lake.

6. Museum Kata Andrea Hirata

This museum is belong to Andrea Hirata. Andrea Hirata is the writer of Laskar Pelangi worldwide book. This museum is very beautiful since the paint is colorful. In the museum, you can read how he got an idea of Laskar Pelangi. After you end your visit in this Museum, you will know how important literature is.

7. Fega Restaurant 

What's interesting of this restaurant is the concept like you are on the ship.  You will enjoy eating their food while enjoying the beautiful environment. This restaurant has facilities such as prayer room for muslim. The food was very tasty!  You must try their Satay and Sambal Belacan as well.

8. Warkop Millenium

After you has finished your lunch at Fega Restaurant, you must came to this stall that sells the best coffee in town!  Actually they have many types of drinks. The owner will treat you nicely like you are the queen or king!  They also have crispy  Pisang Goreng that will make your throat want to eat it everyday. So Yummy! 

9. Tanjung Pendam

Everyone in this world love to see nice view of sunset right?  At Tanjung Pendam we can see with our own eye the beautiful sunset. Beside Tanjung Pendam beach, there are many stalls that sell drink. So while you enjoying the sunset you can treat your throat with cold drink! 

10. Timpo Duluk

What's interesting of this restaurant is they have a rules before we eat the dinner. What is the rules?  First, the youngest person in the group(family) must open 'tudung saji' . Then, the youngest has to serve the plate to all members in the group (family) . Next, the oldest members can take his own meals first. And the youngest will take the meals last! But dont worry, the meals enough to the youngest one. 

11. Tanjung Tinggi

Can you see the blue water?  This is the best beach that I ever had in Belitung. You can wear flowy dress to take a picture of your outfit on the rock. I still can't move on of this beautiful beach. I can't say too much of this beach. You must see it with your own eyes! 

12. Tanjung Kelayang Port

Tanjung Kelayang Port is the place where you will ride your boat to the next island and snorkeling !. From Tanjung Kelayang Port, you can see Garuda Island. Why it is called Garuda Island?  It is because the shape of the rock look similar as Eagle.

13. Lengkuas Island 

At Lengkuas Island, we can enjoy the snorkeling activity to see many types of fish. Before you go to snorkeling, make you you drink their coconut water and took a picture of 'rumah api'. It is very popular in Belitung. You can also brimg your own bread to feed the fish while snorkeling . So you can see the fish very closed.

14. Pondok Kelapa

This is the place where you can get souvenirs to your family and friends. They sell a lot of things such as tshirt, keychain, magnet and food. 

15. Nelayan Seafood Belitung 

This restaurant serve fresh fish and prawn. I'm sorry because forgot to took a phone of the dish. They also serve their traditional food. They also have tasty tea to recover your energy. While you are eating ,you can enjoying listen to the caraoke song.  After you finish your dish, you can join singing. 

16. Kepayang Island 

After tired of snorkeling,you can enjoy your lumch at Kepayang Island. This is my favourite restaurant!  Why?  It is because they will serve you a very big prawn and crab. They also have grilled fish and of course Sambal belacan. 

17. Rumah Adat 

What special of this house is you will know what will the bride and groom wear on their wedding day and what types of food will they eat. You will also know the history of Belitung.

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